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Teatro Tor Bella Monaca. via Bruno Cirino (Viale Duilio Cambellotti angle with Via di Tor Bella Monaca), Rome, tel. 06 2010579.

from 31.03 to 01.04.2012

Kidsí Workshop at Teatro Tor Bella Monaca

31 March-1 April 2012. Teatro Tor Bella Monaca hosts this kidsí workshop, entitled Cum Panis, dedicated to bread as a primary food, essential in all cultures at all latitudes and religions.

On this occasion children learn how to make bread and, while it is in the oven, they hear about various stories and legends related to bread.

Dry bread is taken on high mountains or during the long fishermenís nights on the sea, bread cakes are taken to war in the haversack, for a loaf of bread people make war.

Workshop starts at 16.30.

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